Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Facebook: Junk Food for the Internet?

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Someone asked me not too long ago about this blog—in particular, where have I been and why haven’t I posted anything lately. Indeed, I’ve been giving that question a lot of thought and though many excuses come to mind, one in particular seems to ring louder than the others.

I’m blaming Facebook. But, it’s not as simple as you might think.

Before giving into the pressure of joining Facebook just over a year ago, when I had something to say, I did so here. And for the most part, it was pretty thoughtful and deliberate (not to be confused with intelligent)—often taking days before I actually posted something. Then, along comes Facebook with its limiting-number-of-characters status updates which has provided myself (and others to be sure) the chance to comment only briefly... but often. That is to say, although I’ve had several thoughts about posting something here about the “ground-zero mosque” controversy, I’ve had my say about it on Facebook even if I wasn’t very thorough or articulate. As a result of my Facebook posts, there is no wind remaining for my blogging sails on this particular topic. I suppose what it all boils down to is this: I’m doing what everyone else is doing—catering to the short-attention span of our 21st Century world.

Further, this inclination of replacing long-winded blogs (relatively speaking) with Facebook status updates about everything that is on my mind (and I’ll refrain from any discussion about Twitter) is akin to one moving from three nutritious meals per day to nibbling on nothing but junk food throughout the day. Surely, I won’t die of starvation, but it doesn’t feel all that healthy either.

Then there is the discussion about addictive behavior as it relates to Facebook. Perhaps that should be saved for when we break up into smaller groups.

It’s hardly New Year’s, but I feel it might be a good idea to make a resolution with myself here and now—something like: less Facebook with a recommitment to more meaningful and substantial material here.

Is it possible? I’m not sure, but in the meantime feel free to friend me on Facebook if you haven’t already.


FQ said...

I've left my FB friends for the past 4 minutes to read this and now I feel like I'd forgotten what real milk and eggs taste like ... I appreciated your slow cooked fare over the flash fried fritters most folks on FB toss at you so please keep things stewing. Anything worth having, eating or reading usually takes time to simmer.

Anonymous said...

Substancial, I doubt it. How could anything substancial come from a a person who doesn't have to even try to keep his job in this economy. All hail the ten-manure process which lets middle aged men pressure teens for "favors" in return for grades.

mdt1960 said...


Ouch! You hurt my feelings... What happened, did you get passed over for a sweet teaching or admin job somewhere? Feeling over-qualified in your current dreary job setting? Sorry about the sour grapes in your life.

Tenure ("ten-manure") isn't all what it's cracked up to be. Don't fool yourself, it's not that much job security. You should try getting 30-some anonymous evaluations every semester from those who watch you do your job. One of my colleagues lost his job as a result of this process.

It does seem a bit ironic that when the economy goes south, education seems to benefit as more people consider returning to school for one thing or another?

Card Crafter said...

Glad to see you back! You have been missed and it's been a few days, write something again already....