Tuesday, June 01, 2010

“Staycations” and Low Gas Prices

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Comment posted to NPR’s Talk of the Nation

Regarding today’s discussion about getting the most of your summer vacation...

When one of your guest brought up the point that gas prices are down, she eluded to the idea that we can go farther in considering travel destinations. True—and I bet the big oil companies loved hearing her make this suggestion.

I sat there thinking how unfortunate it was that no one brought up the idea of continuing the practice or at least considering the “staycations.”

Imagine if “staycations” continued to be a popular form of recreation despite dirt-cheap gas prices—as a form of protest to what has unfolded in the Gulf of Mexico and other past oil-related catastrophes; as a form of protest signaling that we will continue with this frugal behavior until something better for the earth is presented to us in our transportation needs.

Just imagine...