Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don’t Report No News

Do you know Kate? Perhaps another Paris Hilton is she?

I still don’t know who this woman really is, but the fact that she was on Yahoo’s home page as the most significant news of the moment is very disheartening. And it’s all about her hair for Pete’s sake. Who makes these moronic decisions? Even from a photo opp perspective, there must be something more important than some no-talent, famous-for-fluff character who is supporting a new “do.” Twenty years from now will anyone know her for being anything more than she is today?

Talk about a slow-news day. Thank God I’m still without TV.


John Campbell said...


It's all about selectivity. What are you doing wasting your time on Yahoo's home page? There are a ton of better sites that present an overview of the news. Remember these are for-profit sites and they cater to a specific audience.

TV is the same. Broadly sweeping the medium away because of some lousy content doesn't make it all a waste of time. It becomes a waste if you don't apply some selectivity. Excellent material is present if you look for it.

I could just as easily write off newspapers (have you read the New York Post?), magazines (check out US and you'll know who Kate is) or books (swing by the pulp romance section of the book store the next time you are there.)

Nearly all media has material that is worthwhile and some that is less than worth while. Of course, those judgments are subjective. Some folks hang on every report of Kate's doings and others are concerned with the latest votes of the British Parliament.

You enjoy standing on the sidelines of small town football fields. There are some who would call that equally as wasteful as tracking the ins and outs of Kate's or Paris' lives (watching no-talent young people in a game that won't have any consequence in 20 years).

We all find enjoyment and edification differently.

Morgan said...

Yeah John, you're right on all accounts. I suppose I get to thinking that maybe there are signs of intelligent life even in these generic sites.

I can't put my finger on it at this moment, but there has got to be greater value in watching our youth compete in any kind of contest vs. keeping tabs on adults who aren't really contributing much substance to the world.

Anonymous said...

One more thing .... small town football is more about a multigenerational community coming together to give the youth on the field support, raise a few bucks at the junk food plaza and get together face2face with neighbors and friends, than about watching mediocre football or once in a while good football.

Kate Whoever is being celebrated for a hair cut .... which matters as far as neighbors, youth and community are at issue - in no way I can figure. Looking "good" vs. doing something in community. No contest in my book.

Ken Williams