Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hey John, Call Ted

Fueling Up
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First it was Abba, then John Mellencamp... now it's Jackson Browne.

Apparently no one in the music biz wants anything to do with John McCain... Poor, old fart.

Most recently, Jackson Browne is suing McCain for $75,000 related to copyright infringement and damages to the singer's reputation. The crime? Someone in McCain's Ohio campaign family decided to use the song Running on Empty to mock Barack Obama's comments about American drivers tuning up their rigs and maintaining proper air pressure in their tires to offset our thirst for petrol at the pump.

Hullabaloo like this can only help Jackson Browne, so why is the singer bringing a lawsuit into the picture? I'm unsure, but if I were him, I'd use my courtroom winnings to fund Barack Obama's campaign even more—talk about adding insult to injury.

So, what's with these high-profile causes like a presidential campaign (Republican or Democrat) helping themselves to someone's artistic work? Sure, I can understand if it's Mrs. Anderson's fifth-grade class making their end-of-year multi-media slide show, but for Pete's sake, it's a presidential candidate representing the entire Republican Party! What are they thinking?

Has anyone in McCain's camp considered Ted Nugent? Isn't he a big-time Republican and a highly decorated NRA advocate? Surely McCain's marketing spin doctors can do something with Cat Scratch Fever, Love Grenade or Nugent's "Can't Grill 'Em Till Ya Kill Em" mantra.

Well, I'm off to the iTunes music store now... gonna replace that vinyl copy of Running On Empty.

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