Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Shooting Down John McCain One More Time

Sun Over KC-97
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I'd vote for John McCain anyday... over George W. Bush that is. However, given the other choices currently available, I feel pretty safe in saying that he won't be getting my vote.

I know everyone used to talk about how "wooden" Al Gore appeared, but check out this video of McCain... you can almost see the strings that are controlling his arms and eye lids. Do you suppose his nose will grow too?

And what's with his eyeballs? He blinks about four times more than his cronies in the video.

As long as I'm at it, what the hell is going on with McCain's use of the phrase "my friends?!" Talk about beating a dead horse. Sometimes when I hear his voice on the radio, it's like Fred Rogers has come back to life as a politician rather than a kid show host.

Perhaps he should consider running for mayor of Mr. Rogers' neighborhood instead.

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