Monday, December 19, 2005

Shooting Proves Wolves Out and About

Powell Tribune News Editor

The recent killing of a wolf north of Cody proves the animals are out and about in residential areas of Park County, a federal wildlife official says, and hunters need to be aware of their presence.

"It's just time to get the word out and let people know that wolves are out moving around," Tim Eicher of Cody, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service special agent, said Wednesday morning.

Eicher is investigating the apparent accidental shooting of a yearling male wolf by a local man hunting coyotes. The incident occurred around noon on Dec. 9.

"He was out hunting coyotes alone," Eicher said.

The wolf was shot about four miles north of Cody near the Newton Lakes on Bureau of Land Management land west of Wyo. 120, Eicher said.

The name of the hunter is being withheld pending investigation, Eicher said. No charges had been filed as of Wednesday, but the case will be sent to a U.S. Attorney in Casper for review.

Eicher said the hunter did "everything right after the incident" by calling his office immediately and leading him to the scene of the kill.

Eicher said the wolf was from the Absaroka pack and might have wandering in search of a mate.


Regarding Justin Lessman’s article on the recently killed wolf near Cody; I would like to know how is it that a guy who kills a wolf while out hunting coyotes is proof that wolves are “out and about in residential areas” as reported? Is this not spectacular if it is indeed true? I’m not sure which is more spectacular though; a wolf that is shot in a residential area, or a hunter firing off shots in a residential area. Might this be an illustrated case of sensationalism found in your publication?

For your edification, by "residential," the article was simply referring to the general occupied area of the county (near Cody) as opposed to the vast uninhabited areas of the county, not the more vernacular definition of "city neighborhood" as you apparently understood it. Just thought I'd offer this comment prior to publication of your submitted letter.


Understood now. Too bad this wasn’t articulated in the story for everyone to read.